Max Walter




My name is Max and I’ve been around for about 24 years now and here’s some of the stuff I did in the meantime.

Did my vocatial diploma at a buisiness focused high school.
Also 2014
Moved to Stuttgart and started an internship as a photographer.
Got a full time job at the same Studio and worked there as a Filmmaker.        

 - that one felt good
Started an internship at an industrial company optimizing Conversion Processes of Machines.

- that one was a kind of an early introduction to design thinking and user centered Process design…realy enjoyed it!
Also 2016
Started studying Optical engineering.

- lets be honest we all had our
  „not so bright“- ideas.
Started my own business as a freelance Photographer and Filmmaker.

- running it as a side business since then.
Started studying Interaction Design at the HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Other stuff to know about me

I have a big passion for Photography and Filmmaking (something you can probably guess by now).

If I don’t do either Photos or Design, then you probably catch me jumping around. I  love to move and do sports, especially Parkour or going for a run. And that gets additionally fueled by a ridiculous fondness for coffee.